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Coil Stand

Jaltron coil stand is easy to ship and light with an aluminum frame. It can unboxed and assembled in 10 minutes or less requiring no tools. It comes in three pre-assembled sections as shown below to the left.

The design incorporates a motor for height control as shown below to the right. The picture across refers to a stand with 400mm height control from its low to high setting. Stand can be customized for different heights and different extensions.

Large ball joins at the top of the vertical sections allows for great control of boom direction and can be clamps into place via two knobs. The boom can be slid backward or extended as needed.

The standard version of the stand uses a 1" ball joint at the end of the boom (1.5" and 2.25" diameter ends are also available.) In the picture shown below in the middle the stand is used to hold the Jaltron 40mm Circular Coil.

Image 5 - 2 Coil Stands - 27 May
Coil Stand Split - Image 1 - 03 June 202
Coil Stand High Setting.jpg
Image 7  - closer up - 27 May 2020.jpg
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