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Custom TMS Unit

Jaltron LLC specializes in custom coils and also custom stimulation equipment. Such devices can utilize standard magnetic stimulators in the core, such as the Magstim Rapid 2, or can be ground up stimulator designs for complex or simpler tasks.


An example is a stimulator set up for concurrent TMS/MRI which includes repetitive magnetic stimulator, filter, DC-blocker, MRI synchronization trigger module, coil holder and MRI coils.

Alternative use of custom equipment is where standard products do not satisfy the need for power level, frequency, or pulse shapes looked for.


In addition some requirements are cost sensitive and do not need expensive FDA-approved products for non-human or petri dish use requiring less power. Whereas normally TMS setups can cost between US$20k-$100k, we can supply medium power research equipment for as little as US$10k for non-human use.


Please let us know of your requirements or specifications and we will put together a package that meets your needs. Send an email to to find out more.

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