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Jaltron Triple Halo Coil manufactured for Iowa State University on Reza Jalinous' Head (Pic 2019)
From left to right: Reza Jalinous, Ian Freeston, Anthony Barker First TMS Magnetic Stimulator (Pic 1985)
Reza Jalinous next to his magnetic nerve stimulator equipped with small peripheral coil (1984)

About the Founder

Jaltron LLC was founded by Reza Jalinous who, together with Professor Anthony Barker and Professor Ian Freeston of the University of Sheffield, were the co-inventors of transcranial magnetic nerve stimulation:

Reza Jalinous (Picture 2018)

Lancet. 1985 May 11;1(8437):1106-7.

Non-invasive magnetic stimulation of human motor cortex.

Barker AT, Jalinous R, Freeston IL.


During his PhD in Medical Physics at the University of Sheffield and Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield, UK, Reza Jalinous designed and made the first magnetic stimulator used for transcranial brain stimulation.


The technology behind magnetic brain stimulation was then licensed to Novametrix, Inc. Wallingford, CT,  where Reza Jalinous designed the Magstim Model 200 now mentioned in 1,000s of publications.


In 1990, Robin Lewis, Reza Jalinous and Roy Hovey founded Magstim Company Limited in Wales, UK. After twenty five years as an executive board member at Magstim Co. the company was sold to Telegraph Hill Partners in San Francisco. To this date Magstim Company remains a leading supplier of magnetic stimulation products for both research and for the treatment of depression with offices in Wales and the USA.

Jaltron LLC currently specializes in the custom design of non-standard coils and accessories for connection to magnetic stimulator manufacturers such as Magstim Company. Jaltron Coils is a division of Jaltron LLC.​

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