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Air Cooled Curved Double Coil*

CCDCC Image 1.png
CCDCC Actual Coil Close Up.JPG

The Air Cooled Curved Double Coil uses angled curved windings to increase the depth of penetration of the figure of eight coil design. It has higher output power than the traditional Double 70mm Coil. In addition, its bottom surface has been carefully designed to fit well on head surfaces and to be comfortable.

This coil differs from the Cooled Curved Double Coil in that air is supplied externally. The result is a more compact coil which is also quieter as the air supply and exit are remote to the coil. 1" rubber ball attachment has been included for use with Magstim Co. and Jaltron stands or for use with custom Ram Mount coil holders. In addition, six M6 threaded fixing locations are available at the rear of the coil for custom attachments. The coil comes ready for Rogue Research Brainsight navigation adapter (

CCDCC Image 2.png
CCDCC Underside with Dimensions.png
CCDCC Image 5 Transparent.png
CCDCC Image 3.png
CCDCC Image 4 Opaque.png
CCDCC Underside Picture with Dimensions.
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