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Flat Coil - RH SIDE View - 18 June 2019.
3 Coils Together - Front Under a bit Vie

Double 70mm Coil Set

These standard set of Double 70mm Coils differ from each other only with their curvature at the bottom ranging from flat, 10° angled windings and dome shape. The two angled curved windings coils increase the depth of penetration of the figure of eight coil design. They have higher output power than the traditional Double 70mm Coil. In addition, its bottom surface has been carefully designed to fit well on head surfaces and to be comfortable. Since most publications refer to a flat figure of eight coil, the Flat Double 70mm Coil is provided for backward compatibility.

1" rubber ball attachment has been included for use with Magstim Co. and Jaltron stands or for use with custom Ram Mount coil holders. M6 threaded fixing locations can be added for custom attachment. In addition the coils can be supplied ready for Rogue Research Brainsight navigation adapter (

3 Coils Together - Transparent View - 03
Mini Domed Coil - Bottom View - 22 May 2
Custom M Coil Bottom View.jpg
Flat Coil - TOP View - 18 June 2019.BMP
Mini Domed Coil - RH Side View - 22 May
Custom M Coil Top View.jpg
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