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Cooled Curved Double Coil*

Cooled CDC image 3 - 25 Sep 2018.jpg

The Cooled Curved Double Coil uses angles and curved windings to increase the depth of penetration of the figure of eight coil design. In addition, its bottom surface has been carefully designed to fit well on head surfaces and to be comfortable. One quiet fan cools the winding making the coil suitable for Theta Burst. 1" Rubber ball attachment has been included for use with Magstim Co. or Jaltron stands. Alternative adaptors can be provided upon request.

Cooled CDC image 1 - 25 Sep 2018.jpg
Cooled Curved Double Coil 192mm x 225mm.
Cooled CDC image 2 - 25 Sep 2018.jpg
Cooled CDC - Transparent from Underneath
Cooled CDC - Transparent - 25 Sep 2018.j
Coil Stand 3.jpg
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