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D50 MRI Coil Actual Coil Picture October
D50 MRI Coil Image 3.png

D50mm MRI Coil *

Compact sized MRI coil with a mean winding diameter of 50mm. It is easier to fit this coil in the MRI environment but, for the same stimulating power, this coil warms up faster than the slightly larger D55mm MRI Coil.

It is supplied with a long cable, radio frequency filter system, and optional current reversal. It can be used inside or outside of the MRI scanner.

Coil size: 147mm x 98mm x 31mm (coil only). Two windings. Each winding: 32mm inner diameter, 68mm outer diameter, 13mm high, approximately.

D50 MRI Coil Image 2.png
D50 MRI Coil Transparent Image.png
D50 MRI Coil MII Underside with Dimensio
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