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Double Domed Coils

The Double Domed Coils use angled and curved windings to increase the depth of penetration of the figure of eight coil design. In addition the bottom surface has been carefully designed to fit well on head surfaces, be comfortable and rotatable.


Coils come in two versions: the standard sized Double 70mm Domed Coil and the larger Double 90mm Domed Coil. Large 90mm coil penetrates deeper and is more powerful. Please note that the larger Double 70mm Domed Coil generates more facial nerve stimulation which can cause discomfort especially at higher power settings. Jaltron recommends the Double 70mm Domed Coil for typical uses.


Two models are available: (a) standard vertical handle and (b) low profile handles and a ball joint for mounting on a coil arm. Alternative handles and mounting may be devised using the four M6 hard points on the top cover.

4 Coils Together.png
IMG_8001 (2).JPG
Four coils transparent blue background (
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