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Cooled Tadpole Coil Indivdual__ Picture
Cooled Tadpole Coil Indivdual__ Picture
Cooled Tadpole Coil Nov 18 2018 with Dim

Cooled Tadpole Coil *

Cooled Tadpole Coil has been designed specifically for rodent stimulation. Its winding shape has a pointed and narrow front section where the cover is very thin. Unlike figure of eight coils, the peak field occurs at the front end of the coil. Coil is positioned such that only the front 20mm section of the winding is over the rodent brain. This significantly reduces movement artifacts associated with the direct muscle activation using small figure of eight coils. This cooled version has the same winding as the non-cooled version, also on this web site. Cooling is via very low noise forced air. If needed, cooling can be increased by using more powerful pumps (increases noise by ~12dB) and refrigerated air supply. Contact Jaltron for more information.


Cooled Tadpole Coil comes complete with a 1" ball compatible with Jaltron desktop and floor standing coils options. It is also compatible with the 1" range of mounting system from Ram Mounts (

Cooled Tadpole Coil Mounted on__ Stand 3
Cooled Tadpole Coil Nov 18 2018 (Pic 1).
Cooled Tadpole Coil Nov 18 2018 (Pic 2).
Cooled Tadpole - Transparent image 1 - 1
Cooled Tadpole - Transparent image 2 - 1
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