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D55mm MRI Coil *

Double 55mm MRI stimulating coil is a compact coil designed for lower discharge clock noise, and is capable of performing a 1000 pulse session at 70% power level. It is supplied with a long cable, radio frequency filter system, and optional current reversal. It can be used inside or outside of the MRI scanner.

Two 6mm threaded holes at the back of the coil are separated by 54mm and are intended for use for coil holding. One option shown is the 1.5" MRI safe ball joint. Please contact Jaltron, LLC to discuss your requirements.


Mean Coil Diameter: 55mm


Coil size: 187mm x 99mm x 30mm excluding cable. The two windings are placed side by side. each winding: 29mm inner diameter, 81mm outer diameter, 12mm high, approximately.

Double 55mm MRI Coil 171mm x 100mm.jpg
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