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Jaltron, LLC, Magnetic Stimulation Specialists

Figure of Eight In-Vitro Coil with Magne
Linear Concave In-Vitro Coil with Magnet

Everything designed and manufactured in the USA. We remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jaltron LLC serves researchers and scientists in the area of neuroscience and imaging. It focuses on power electronics generating high and low intensity pulsed magnetic fields for activation and modulation of nerves, neurons and in-vitro cell cultures.

NEW from Jaltron LLC

A range of cooled stimulating coils, both linear and focal, designed for in-vitro stimulation of cell cultures. Available with pulsed, cyclic and static field output at low, medium and high intensities.

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Tower in MRI - POSITION 10 - 14 Dec 2018



Cooled Tadpole Coil Mounted on__ Stand 3


Use Coils

Circ 40mm and 20cm Mats Coils - TOP__ vi



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